New Free Music Resources Added for the Global Hymn Sing


We've just updated the music score resources for Jesus Shall Reign.

You can now download the following sheet music for the Global Hymn Sing: 

  • Piano and Vocal - Jesus Shall Reign PDF (B♭Major, C Major, D Major)
  • Lyrics Sheet - Jesus Shall Reign PDF
  • Vocal Rhythm - Jesus Shall Reign Vocal Rhythm PDF (C)
  • Choir Piano - Jesus Shall Reign Choir Rehersal Score PDF (C)
  • Full Orchestration - Jesus Shall Reign PDF (B♭ / C / D Major)
  • Chord Sheet - Jesus Shall Reign - (B♭, C, D)
  • Hymnal - Jesus Shall Reign PDF (B♭, C, D)

To access these resources, join the Global Hymn sing on 25 February 2018

Tony Waghorn