The Global Hymn Sing seeks to inspire churches around the world to consider the need for the good news to go to the least reached places of the world.

So far over 1.5 million people have joined to sing. The event is now in its 3rd year, but how did it all start?

In 2015 OMF approached Keith & Kristyn to to work on the hymn ‘Facing a Task Unfinished’ as part of the CIM/OMF 150th anniversary celebrations, and in 2015, OMF workers from all over East Asia came together in Thailand and sang the new arrangement at their 150th Anniversary Gathering.

The hymn was written by CIM worker Frank Houghton in 1931 as a call for 200 new workers to serve in China at a very uncertain time.

Through the process of writing and arranging this mission hymn, Keith and Kristyn reignited their joy of hymnwriting and their love for mission. They decided that their next album would be strongly missions focussed to encourage the church in its need to engage with God in his heart for the nations. Facing a Task Unfinished became the title track.

Working with OMF, the Getty team had the idea of a Global Hymn Sing for churches around the world to sing and consider mission on one day. On 21 Feb 2016 an estimated 1.1 millions people from over 5,000 churches in 100 countries sang in 11 languages.

In 2017, we joined again to sing ‘For the Cause’ with a special focus on encouraging children to engage on mission, in all, over over 30,000 children sang together with their churches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my church involved?

Sign up for the Global Hymn Sing here and you'll get all the music resources you'll need, free.

What do we need to do in our service on that day?

Just sing!

You can, of course, do more...

  • Use the opportunity to highlight God's heart for the nations in Bible readings or talks
  • Interview a mission worker on Skype
  • Pray for those you've sent and for their host countries
  • Pray for God to raise up new gospel workers, especially

What happens to royalties from the songs used in the Global Hymn Sing?

Keith & Kristyn have been donating the royalties received as a result of the Hymn Sing to mission causes in training and missions sending.